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FYD İndir Yükle
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Plunge into the world where heroes always die, and villains triumph! Kill people who try to protect the good and stand in the way of achieving the goal of your whole life – to take over the world! But it’s rather difficult to subjugate even some pathetic country just by yourself… So, make a demon your partner! Feed him with the souls of the infidels and receive a dark power therefor, isn’t even comparable to the ordinary humans! BUT, always remember that demons are treacherous creatures, and like to play with mortals, so don’t expect all his gifts to be useful to you…

· Test your strength and luck, because you will need it!

· Try all the abilities that the demon has, and find your perfect combination!

· Find out how powerful you can be by fighting against entire armies!

· Arrange a real bloody bath using the body mess of pathetic minions of the good!

· Not the easiest, but at the same time, a simple game will impress you for a few hours!

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