Future Simulation Serisi İndir Yükle

Future Simulation Serisi İndir Yükle
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This is a game that simulates how the future of human society will develop and how the solar system should be developed.
The original intention of conceiving this game is due to the curiosity of what the human society will become in the future.
Therefore, by using the existing real-world data and the latest research and exploration results, and referring to the historical data provided by the World Bank.
I want to build a simplified and relatively sensible data model that outlines all possible options for future development. Meanwhile, social events and issues that may arise are added
The future development of human society under decision simulation;
After all, our generation is definitely not seeing the emergence of space elevators.
There is also a high probability that the controllable nuclear fusion that we have been waiting for 50 years and 50 years will not be seen.
It’s stupid to try to simulate the real future world,But this does not prevent us from making use of the most cutting-edge theoretical discovery and exploration results,The fuzzy outline of the future world under the reasonable conjecture.
The core purpose of this game,In order to guide you, peep through the cracks to see the fuzzy outline of the future world in 2020-3300 A.D.
【Standard Mode】
In the future, we will perfect and adjust every year according to the latest cutting-edge scientific and technological theory, exploration results, global social situation, etc., so as to make it more reasonable.

– The English version is in production.(About the end of October)

About the current version (v0.71):

Priority Experience [Standard Mode] Model, if the difficulty is too high, you can experience the [European Union] Model first.

In the later stage [dark matter] and other related decisions that require a large number of points can end the game (because we haven’t figured out how to design reasonably yet)

The next version will optimize the content, add more guidance and feedback information, and make the experience better

Follow-up consideration on a development and construction model(More emphasis on playfulness than authenticity)

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