Fright Light İndir Yükle

Fright Light İndir Yükle
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Intruders have entered your home and who knows what they’ll do once they find you. Luckily you have an excessive number of cameras installed throughout the house which will enable you to spot the intruders approaching your position. What’s more, these intruders are afraid of light and you just bought a brand new flashlight! All you have to do now is watch the cameras, shine the light when they approach and hold out until morning.

Things start off well as the night begins, with you easily thwarting the attempts of one intruder to enter your room. As the night progresses, however, more intruders enter your home and the batteries in your flashlight start to die. You’re forced to make calculated decisions such as when it’s best to reload your flashlight or spend a little extra time checking the cameras before shining light at the intruders outside your room.

Master the art of tracking up to four intruders at once along with timing your flashlight reloads for maximum protection from your enemies.

Will you survive long enough for the sun to come up and expel the intruders from your home? Or will you test your skills by allowing the night to go on forever with a never ending increase in difficulty?

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