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Flagsplosion is a flag identifying endless quizzer with over 650 current flags from around the world. Also featuring over 100 Training Levels, Practice Mode, Steam Achievements and Steam Leaderboards.


Over 100 Training Levels

Practice Mode
Endless Mode
Steam Achievements
Steam Leaderboards

Training Mode:

100 levels of minigames. Play through this mode to get familiar with the flags and to unlock flags in Practice.

Practice Mode:

A non-timed mode in which a player can relax and play at their own speed. Players also have the option to specify which category of flags they would like to see in this mode. Use to prepare for the ultimate challenge: Endless.

Endless Mode:

The ultimate challenge as players will be given a random flag and have limited time to make their choice. Each flag you get correct increases your score. The challenge will increase as your score gets higher. How high of a score can you reach?

Sistem Gereksinimleri

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux

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