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Fishy İndir Yükle
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Fishy is a 3D platormer. you play as a fish very far from home . traveling through 5 worlds such as a jungle oasis to under water to the frozen tundra to inside a volcano to lastly to outer space by jumping platformers and solving puzzles. play through them all or play the stages you want with stage select. there’re even pic ups to increase your score!

update 1.3
added endless mode. level spawns as you progress
bare with it. it takes time to load when you click on it and level trigger at the end takes time as well theirs a lot of random variables it has to calculate

Update 1.2
Added an Option menu to adjust settings such as Screen res, resolution scale, and view distances to help performance on lower end PCs.
Stage 4-2 fix collision on the square holes. before player were able to stand over the holes and not fall through
stage 5-5 moved giant rotating box closer to starting performer and added spikes on the side in an attempt to make the stage harder
bug fixes the pause menu was action mapped twice so player could experience being permanently frozen if the pause button was pressed *fixed*

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