First Person Shooter Kit Showcase İndir Yükle

First Person Shooter Kit Showcase İndir Yükle
5 Ekim 2020 tarihinde eklendi, 4 kez okundu.

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A showcase of FPSK, a UE4 blueprint asset you can use to help create your very own indie FPS in Unreal Engine.

Features include:

  • Zombie Horde Mode
  • Weapon Attachments
  • Shooter Courses
  • Equipment Systems
  • Material Penetration

PC Controls
WSAD: Movement
Mouse Input: Look
Shift: Sprint
Ctrl: Crouch
C/Hold Ctrl: Prone
Right mouse button: Aim Down Sights
Left mouse button: Shoot
Middle mouse button: Sensitivity Training Menu
R: Reload
MB1/V: Melee
4: Quickswap Weapon
F: Interact
E: Primary Equipment
Q: Secondary Equipment
Space: Jump
Mousewheel: Cycle weapon
N: Skip intermission (ZombieMode)

Gamepad Controls
Left Stick: Movement
Right Stick: Look
L3: Sprint
B/Circle: Crouch
Hold B/Circle: Prone
Left Shoulder: Aim down Sights
Right Shoulder: Shoot
Left Trigger: Secondary Equipment
Right Trigger: Primary Equipment
Square/X: Reload/Interact
R3: Melee
Cross/A: Jump
Triangle/Y: Cycle weapon
Right D-Pad: Skip intermission (ZombieMode)

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