Fireworks Desert Blast İndir Yükle

Fireworks Desert Blast İndir Yükle
2 Eylül 2019 tarihinde eklendi, 44 kez okundu.

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You’re alone in the desert with an endless supply of fireworks. Stand below a starry night sky as you launch waves of explosives up into the air.

Fireworks Desert Blast is a technical demo designed for the HTC Vive that introduces players of all ages and skills to virtual reality. The demo offers light sandbox gameplay for players to explore their physical space and experiment with the physics engine. This is a great introduction for players who are new to VR.

– Roman Candles & Regular Fireworks
– Sandbox experience
– New to VR Tutorial

In its current state this project is not intended to be treated as a full game but as a playful, experimental experience for VR. Just a simple fun experience. Enjoy!

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