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Find someone else İndir Yükle
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Find someone else is a visual novel about the ever-changing nature of relationships, the hardship of dealing with loss and the unfair inevitability of illness and death. Make choices that change the story and the characters you interact with.

Branching your path into several different endings.

Sometimes it feels like Noah is all alone.

He’s trying to handle his girlfriend’s worsening illness and her hospitalization. Life is passing him by, while he just becomes more and more trapped in the same place.

Unable to move.

Then someone from his past comes back into his life and makes everything complicated again. While a strange, familiar voice is beginning to whisper in the night and starts asking questions Noah doesn’t want to answer.

Is it guilty to leave?

– Step into the shoes of Noah, a tired protagonist, trying to cope with his girlfriend’s worsening illness.

– 1+ hour story with many different paths to follow. Explore the darker side of Stockholm in the company of complex and lost characters.

– Is love unconditional?

Find someone else is a very personal experience and was in many ways necessary to make. Obviously it’s just a game, and yet it’s still so much more.

Hopefully you’ll find something different in it.

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