Fenrisulfr Puzzle İndir Yükle

Fenrisulfr Puzzle İndir Yükle
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Fenrisulfr Puzzle interesting and simply for you

apanese anime style scenery illustration
Japanese adorable Loli voice
Music box style background music
More difficult levels are optiona

The complete illustration image is displayed at the beginning, and then the illustration image is displayed by dragging the block swap position.
Difficulty from 3X3 block format to 8×8 format.

Steam Early Access

The game is currently roughly complete, but not yet complete, requires players to test and provide feedback.

Need additional attention:

1 test version of the archive format will be modified, the game progress may not be retained
2 there is a picture overlap BUG, to wait for updates to fix

Copyright(C) 2016 Fenrisulfr Ruin1990 ZLeaf All Rights Reserved.

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