Fable of the Sword İndir Yükle

Fable of the Sword İndir Yükle
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This is a galgame with a story of ancient. It takes the developing group 蔷薇千墨 6 years to finish. With full-audio, this game will present you an experience when swords did the talk for you. And with the amazing theme song, it will like returning to the ancient, simpler time.

As tales go, Pheonix with flame surrounded his body, is the king of all birds.
But with the world suffering, the Pheonix just wouldn’t have it. He lit all evil with his fire, and burnt out to ash with them. After 49 days the fire finally burnt out, a sword appeared in the ash of the Phoenix.
But tales are only tales. Time past by and the real story got buried in the dust.

The game is about stories which happened when Lin was following his junior fellow apprentice to go down the mountain for their martial art training. During their way, when passing the Tanglin City, they found Jolin Shen, a demon fox, was inciting and creating trouble there. Teaming up with disciples from the Treasure Pavilion, they caught Jolin Shen finally. But unexpectedly people from the Water God Sect were suspected of having been involved in it. Afterwards, along with Seven and Bai, they went to the Four Phase Mountain to explore the truth about the rumors on a legendary sword. However, when they spotted the conspiracy, it had been too late. Did what all happened stem from the Water God Sect? Or some sects else were behind? Were the following men related to the conspiracy, who covered Yuu, Lin’s junior fellow apprentice, a mild yet severe man? Seven, a well-behaved hunter?  Or Bai, who was mysterious and unsociable ? Or Yuun, who was always elusive?

PS.Trading Cards and Achievements will come out with the final version.

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