Explore Girl · Rope Sprite / 探险少女·缚姬索 İndir Yükle

Explore Girl · Rope Sprite / 探险少女·缚姬索 İndir Yükle
7 Eylül 2020 tarihinde eklendi, 8 kez okundu.

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A control bondage of the heroine fighting, stealth, adventure game.
Background: During an expedition, the heroine acquires a treasure called "Rope Sprite," which binds to her owner and provides her with energy. In order to unlock the secret of the treasure, the heroine launches a new adventure one after another.
Game features: the heroine in the upper body is bound under the state of combat, stealth, adventure. Defeated by the enemy will be completely tied up, by spending energy to break free of the binding can continue the game.
Level system: players control the protagonist through combat, stealth defeat the enemy through the level.
Combat system: different combinations of left and right mouse keys can be played.
Stealth system: will be seen in the enemy’s field of view, running will make a sound, walking slowly and moving squat will avoid making a sound to avoid being seen.
Assassination system: Stealthily close in on the enemy from behind.
There are currently three characters: explorer, white-collar, JK, and please let us know in the comments section what character you’d like to add.

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