Expansion İndir Yükle

Expansion İndir Yükle
10 Ocak 2020 tarihinde eklendi, 30 kez okundu.

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A game about space (locational) in space (cosmic).

Colonise the galaxy with a click of a mouse. Use human cunning to outwit the expanding hordes of aliens, robots, and squid-people(?) as you all compete to control the limited space in the galaxy.

Winner of the DreamHack Austin Jam

First, Please take a look at the GODS OF HAVOK TRILOGY

Inspired by Expansion, these two games herald a return to the classic god game.

Features of Expansion:

  • A strategy game that will make your fingers remember how much you love/hated Minesweeper.
  • Five difficulty settings that will challenge even the most hardcore strategy fan.
  • 3 enemy races each with unique bonuses.
  • Randomly generated maps.


A strategy game played on a board of 3200 squares which represent the/a galaxy. Each map is randomly generated within specific parameters. Upon the board are four different races, resources, obstacles, and stellar phenomena.

You take on the role of humans, fighting against robots, squid-folk, and aliens. Expand your people across the galaxy and face off against merciless foes.

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