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Exoblast İndir Yükle
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Exoblast is a versus arcade game.

Build your ship, choose your pilot and fight against players from all around the world in futuristic arenas.
Reach the top of the Tower in the Ranked mode or stand down to the ground, in the darkness of the city ISKIA.

Between a shoot’em up and air hockey, Exoblast is really easy to play, hard to master!

Play for free now and challenge your friends in the arena!

Game modes:

  • Ranked: reach the top of the Space Tower, qualifying you fight after fight, and reach the top ranking
  • Online: play against random players
  • Local: fight against the AI or a friend on the same computer
  • Custom: create your game with the settings you want, and invite anyone to join you
  • VS AI: fight against an AI that is adapting to you, to make you a better fighter

Choose your pilot:

In Pongarena you are free to choose your pilot, each of them has unique talents and will influence the way you play.
Some pilots are a better match with some ships, create your own combinations to outmatch your opponents.

Your ship, your rules:

Do you prefer a fast and aggressive gamestyle? Or you tend to be more defensive?
Or maybe, you prefer to use all the available power to crush your opponent?

In Exoblast you build your own ship by using modules.
You have 10 points to spend, use it wisely.


With your resources, craft the module you want and try every combinations until you find the good one.

You found your favorite but it has some weaknesses? Or you want to make a specific thing stronger?
Replace a reactor by a more powerful one, reduce the consumption of the thrusters, add a shield. It is up to you.

Musical universe

All the game is rythmed by the original creations of LukHash.
He defines his music as a “fusion of the numeric 8 bits sounds combined to a sophisticated electronic music, with modern sounds, and an aesthetic from the 80’s”.
Discover one of his last album “Better Than Reality” in Exoblast.

Want to support the composer? You can buy the album on our Steam page.

Twitch events, contests and streaming

Join our community on Discord and Twitch.
Stay updated about the game development progress and come watch us write some magic code.

Win nice perks during the ongoing events and contests in which you might find yourself in a live battle versus Exoblast devs!

Sistem Gereksinimleri

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux

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