Existential Kitty Cat RPG İndir Yükle

Existential Kitty Cat RPG İndir Yükle
16 Eylül 2019 tarihinde eklendi, 55 kez okundu.

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Join Louis and Timcat on a strange quest to discover their feline origins. Make your characters warriors, assassins, mages, or healers. Embark on an emotional and action-packed quest where you eventually get a chance to become heroes of the kingdom that has come under siege by mysterious cat mages. This is a short (about 3-5 hour) 90s style RPG in which you goof around, but things get real too. There are over 40 maps to explore, and plenty of nifty graphics and music to appreciate.


    Kitty Cats (and a few dogs, notably a swordsman dog)

    Emotional Music

    Three enemy weakness types: slashing, magic, and blunt.

    A powerful Hero who wins through sheer will-power.

    Over 40 maps to explore with hidden goodies + a world map.

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