Evolution İndir Yükle

Evolution İndir Yükle
19 Kasım 2020 tarihinde eklendi, 25 kez okundu.

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Post-apocalyptic open world MMORPG Evolution. People thought they could mess up with new specie creations! Well they got screewed up! Good for you, start from single-celled organism, evolve into animal or microbe and dominate this world together with your friends in game universe full of puzzles and riddles!

– Adapt to changing environment and upgrade your skills!
– Gain breathe skill to get on surface! Become a bird to ignore gravity physics!
– Choose more and more evolution paths and customize your creature!
– Enter colonies, control locations and grow plants on captured territory!
– Find devices which give some extra features like Degrodation and Transmutation
– Make descendants and gain experience for their activity!
– Solve puzzles and riddles to explore world!

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