Endless Jade Sea -Midori no Umi- İndir Yükle

Endless Jade Sea -Midori no Umi- İndir Yükle
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A suspense with a twist, this game is made by Cabbit, sister brand of SkyFish. The special touch of the female screenplay writer has brought this game to a whole new level. A group of youngsters, who suffered from memory loss, got lost in a mansion in the woods. What will their fate be?

✿ Story ✿
———In the vast jade sea, where there’s nothing but deep green leaves. No one can escape, until we met———
A beautiful lake. And a mansion that has 12 people living in it.
Library, instrument room, this place is like heaven to all of us.
A group of youngsters, who can remember anything, have come to this place.
There’s no way out. Definitely no way out. No way out of this deep darkness.
You leave if you want, but there no guarantee that you’ll get out.
She called this place, this stunning but ugly place, "Eden".
To ensure life line. The disappearing ones.
They slowly remember their past.
Why did we get to this place?
Want to know, but advised not to try.
What if I do…
———Ignorance is rare blessing. Why not just tilt your hear upward, and enjoy the sun shining on your face?

✿ Staff ✿
Artist: さえき北都、ゆき恵
Script: 御厨みくり
Music: MANYO(LittleWing)
Vocal: 霜月はるか、MAMI
VA: 羽高なる、小仓结衣、铃谷まや、桃也みなみ、金田まひる、手冢りょうこ、雾岛はるな、川居由芽、川中瀬菜、陵陵

✿ Game Music ✿
Composing/Arrangement: MANYO(LittleWing)
Lyrics: marie
Vocal: 霜月はるか

Composing/Arrangement: MANYO(LittleWing)
Lyrics: marie
Vocal: MAMI


The content of this game is pure fantasy. And all characters in-game are all over 18 years old.
Any name, group name, location, prop name, myth, world in this game is pure fiction, and has no indication about the ones in the real world. Only responsible and mature audience are allowed to play this game.
We don’t retain responsibility that may or may not result from this game.

Translated by Lofty Ambition Translation and Interpretation Company Limited, based in Wuhan, China.
Edited and proof-read by Kyazli, an American editor.

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