Empire İndir Yükle

Empire İndir Yükle
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Play as several uniquely developed characters in a time of war as they fight for freedom while a greater darkness grows amidst the chaos.
Based on old-school Final Fantasy games; made for its fans.

• Over 20-30 hours of gameplay, plus additional sidequests

• Play as seven different characters, each with developed storylines, character-specific sidequests, equipment, and skills

• Immerse yourself in a detailed world full of characters, cultures, kingdoms, history, and religion

• Fight in a traditional turn-based battle system with combos and skills to add a flare to combat

• Unravel a complex story full of loss and hope, both on a small scale between warring kingdoms and on a larger scale as mysteries develop

• Collect hidden items and equipment, and complete a lengthy database of all the characters, environments, and stories throughout the world

• Take part in a fun dating sidequest similar to the one from Final Fantasy 7

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