Elemental Angel İndir Yükle

Elemental Angel İndir Yükle
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[Game Introduction]
"Elemental Angel" is a vertical scrolling flying shooting game. The player controls the protagonist fighter plane to fight the enemy in the universe.

[Game Control]
Players can control the game through keyboard, keyboard + mouse or handle.

[Game Features]
Players can get diamonds by destroying enemy aircraft, and diamonds can upgrade the protagonist’s fighter aircraft in the supply station. The types that can be upgraded include the number of bullets, the power of bullets, cannons, protective shields, large-scale attack weapons, and so on.
Players can obtain energy when hitting an enemy aircraft. When the energy is full, the main and secondary guns of the fighter will be upgraded. After reaching the maximum level, the protagonist has a chance to enter the blood state.
Players can upgrade elemental technology and activate elemental cannons and elemental skills. When elemental energy is full, elemental skills can be released. When multiple elemental energy is full, different elemental skills and combined elemental skills can be released.

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