Educator 2076: Basics in Education İndir Yükle

Educator 2076: Basics in Education İndir Yükle
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Welcome to the most modern school, where all classes are improved and a new education system has been introduced. The main teacher at this school is Ben. This school does not tolerate bad students, they simply do not exist in this school. If you become a bad student, the system will teach you discipline and give education regardless of your desire. Otherwise, this is the most common school in 2076!

You are a student who has not completed the tests. You are not allowed to go home, and you must answer all the questions in the tests. You must enter all classes with green doors and perform tests. But in the tests, some kind of error and the teacher thinks that you are responding incorrectly. You will have to deal with this problem. During the game, do not forget to follow the rules of the school!

School rules:
1. You can not run through the corridors
2. You can not go to classes electives
3. You can not carry a skate
4. Do not skate
5. You can not avoid punishment
6. Do not chew gum.
7. You can not ride a hoverboard

Use item: right mouse button
Open the door: left mouse button
Skateboard or hoverboard: Shift

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