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Dungeons of the Fallen İndir Yükle
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Dungeons of the Fallen is a fast-paced, action-oriented hack n’slash inspired by games like: Hammerwatch, Gauntlet and Diablo.

Take the role of a member of Empire Magic Support Squad and use your arcane skills to save the world from the Fallen King. You can dive into the dungeons solo or cooperate with up to four friends to create a well balanced team that can face any obstacle. Kill hordes of enemies together or get smashed during challenging and intense boss battles. Collect or craft epic weaponry and build your character as you want with no class restrictions. Whether you want to be a swift archer using frost spells to slow your foes or a fire mage with full armor blowing himself up in the middle of the enemy swarm, you can do it.

The Fallen and their King has awaken to conquer the realm, but the Emperor will sacrifice everything to stop him. Will you be able to prevent the world destruction when the divine and demonic forces collide?


  • 40+ unique spells and abilities – create your skillset from six specialties: Destruction, Blessings, Control, Restoration, Melee Combat and Marksmanship.
  • No class system. You can be a healing wizard warrior archer depending on what abilities you choose.
  • 4-player couch coop – the dungeons are designed to bring most fun when playing together. Crowd control, healing and diversing the damage sources do matter.
  • Diablolike randomly generated loot with different levels of rarity.
  • Enchanting system – resources gathered from monsters will help you customize your weapon or armor depending on your needs.
  • Immersive story- follow the adventures of an army which dared to challenge the gods and learn about ancient events of downfall and resurrection of the Fallen King.

Gamepad controller is required for local multiplayer.


Hi, my name is Krystian and I am a solo developer of Dungeons of the Fallen. The game started as a passion project in order to play it with my friends because we love overcoming challenges together both in life and in games. I’m not a full time developer. The game has been (and still is) worked on late evenings and weekends. That’s why the game may be a bit rough around the edges and you can expect some bugs. Before you buy make sure you read the reviews and watch gameplay to know what to expect. If you are fine with it, the game is a lot of fun both in solo and cooperative play. I will continue improving the game based on player feedback so if you feel you are not ready yet, maybe come around later and try again 🙂


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