Dungeon Crusher Kiritan İndir Yükle

Dungeon Crusher Kiritan İndir Yükle
14 Ağustos 2020 tarihinde eklendi, 6 kez okundu.

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Destroy Dungeons!

  • Almost everything can be destroyed!
  • There are various ways to win the levels.
  • Find out and create your own paths to break walls, stuff and everything!


  • Cute pixel girls are playable!
  • They have original skills to break things and defeat enemies.


  • Explore the beautiful/mysterious biomes and dungeons in the sandbox world!
  • Find out secrets and get achievements!


  • Skin MODs are available!
  • It’s easy to share MODs by using Steam workshop. Find and create skins as you like!
  • Voice MODs are planned to be available in the early access phase

Level Builder!

  • Level builder is available!
  • Create your own dungeons… then let’s destroy them!
  • Created levels can be also shared by using Steam workshop


  • Early access is planned in a year then full release
  • We plan to add levels, characters, mods and so on.
  • Level building and posting events are planned.
  • You are very welcome to give us some feedbacks! m(_ _)m

Planning & Development: @KaifuKM
Graphics Design & Pixel Art: @Temaki_3Hz

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