Drugs to Bee İndir Yükle

Drugs to Bee İndir Yükle
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You were sitting at home and playing, while a bee came flying home and stung you. Your arm started to hurt and you went to the hospital. There the doctor has directed you to hand over medical test …

… but instead you drank it! Those tests belonged to the local nariku and now you go to your first and unforgettable trip.

You have to be a bee. Collect honey (you think it’s honey, in fact, it’s someone else’s medical tests), dodge bugs (people), frogs (nurses), big bugs (doctors), and other wickedness that you’ll find on your way. The longer you last, the more steep your first trip will be!


– Infinite mode;

– A large number of obstacles;

– A unique atmosphere of delirium;

– The narcoman’s sound;

– Feel like a bee;

– Bzz.

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