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Dreamlike Worlds İndir Yükle
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Dreamlike Worlds is a 2D challenging puzzle platformer implemented inside an enchanted fairy setting. It’s a hardcore atmospheric puzzle platformer, not just another Limbo. Nevertheless, this game will grab the attention of both hardcore gamers, as much as those who prefer casual gaming. The goal of the main character, a small pale-eyed kid, is to find her way out of dangerous grounds by mastering treacherous obstacles arising from the rigorous laws of physics.

The character is called Stephanie. She is just an ordinary girl from an ordinary town and the most ordinary family, with whom the most peculiar story happened.

Stephanie was crossing the bridge when a strong blast of wind threw her off the bridge to the dark waters of the river. The maelstrom carried her to a dreamlike world, from where she is to find her way home.

This changeable and enchanting fairy world captivates the character. Everything is strange and so different from the grey days of her hometown daily life. Changing constantly, the otherworld is teasing her, but she better be aware because it is as dangerous as it is beautiful.

Charmed grounds bemuse the girl. It is a fairy tale to stay forever. But don’t lose your mind and don’t forget who you are and get lost in this mystical land forever, as home awaits.

Ana Özellikler:
– hardcode puzzle platformer oyunu
– atmosferik çevre
– Peri ve mistik ortam
– yoğun, yoğun deneyim
– Benzersiz fizik temelli şaşırtıcı tasarım
– mükemmel ortam sesi
– basit ama göz kamaştırıcı görseller
– basitlikle içerik çekici basitlik
– Muhteşem dünyalar, ormanlar, mağaralar, göller
– rahatlatıcı bir ortam
– güzel sanat
– harika bir atmosfere dalma
– Düzgün, akıcı bulmaca tabanlı oyun mekaniği ve benzersiz görseller

Dreamlike Worlds’s atmospheric environment will have you facing dangers around every corner and almost every step could lead Stephanie into a perfectly laid trap. The game often requires you to get out of these situations by thinking and reacting swiftly. Beautiful artwork and a physics system that lends itself very well to the maze of masterfully crafted puzzles makes every mistake a brutal consequence, but encourages a learning attitude.

Sistem Gereksinimleri

Mac OS X

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