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Dreamlike Studio Serisi İndir Yükle
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You are The Great Chicken Holmes and this is your Mystery.
Explore the house of your target, the unknow suspect of the Sunflower Street.
This breathtaking, funny, deep and sometimes magical mystery will take you in the best non action gameplay.

From the countryside to the world
Digueliro was a simple chicken in the small town of Birubiru.
He was trying to make a living in the Big City and a great opportunity appeared.
Crime Scene Investigation seemed to fit in his objectives, the glorious fame and the taste of discovery.

From Judite to the success
Judite was best than Watson. Sadly, she is gone to a better place.


  • Discover the dark side story of this pleasant house and the backgrund of the suspect
  • Analyze with Digueliro, the clues of the environment and draw impactating conclusions about them
  • In each object you can find valuable informations about the case, the life, or the universe (ours or from the chicken)
  • With the right objects you can go deep into the head of the suspect and resolve some not so complex puzzles to a human, but it’s hard to a chicken.
  • With just clicks of your mouse, go until the not so epic final and confront the enemy, the suspect of the Sunflower Street


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