Dragon Fin Soup İndir Yükle

Dragon Fin Soup İndir Yükle
26 Eylül 2019 tarihinde eklendi, 37 kez okundu.

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Dragon Fin Soup seamlessly blends genres to create a fresh experience: half story-driven tactical RPG and half high-stakes roguelike, with a pinch of crass humor and a heaping helping of murder & madness set in a procedurally generated fantasy world.

Meet Red Robin – a charming, yet raging alcoholic bounty hunter, who’d rather get into a bar fight than deliver baked goods. Players must take up Robin’s blades and set out across Asura, a lushly colorful fantasy world that sits on the back of an enormous space turtle, on a journey to discover the secrets of her bloody past.

This game is not for the casual player and can be highly addictive.
Dragon Fin Soup contains the following:
– Superfluid turn-based tactical combat
– Raging alcoholic bounty hunter heroine
– New procedurally generated world each time you play
– Mercenaries for hire and awesome pets to collect
– Over 60+ hours of roguelike gameplay in Story, Survival & Labyrinth modes

Dragon Fin Soup is hand crafted by a 5 person indie development team – Grimm Bros LLC.
Learn more about Dragon Fin Soup at www.DragonFinSoup.com!

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