Dong-Jin Rice-hime(東津萌米) İndir Yükle

Dong-Jin Rice-hime(東津萌米) İndir Yükle
23 Şubat 2018 tarihinde eklendi, 485 kez okundu.

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It takes all sorts to make a world, also all sorts of rice!?
From Simon Creative and Storia, one of our most popular games of 2016, here comes the rice growing simulation game!

‧ Includes both story mode and simulating mode.
‧ 10 original soundtracks created by the well-known composer 3R2
‧ Opening animation included
‧ Story scripted by the experienced game developer Cheng-Heng


After studying away from your hometown, you return back home.
Hoping to be able to rest, but instead brought to the endless farmland.

"Take good care of her"

After hearing these stunning words from father,
And with the "NO WORK, NO EAT" tradition,
The daily life of rookie farmer and rice-hime begins.

energetic, gentle, tsundere, cynical?!
Your choices will determine the characteristics of your rice-hime.

Raise yourself your one and only rice-hime now!

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