Doll Explorer Prologue İndir Yükle

Doll Explorer Prologue İndir Yükle
24 Ocak 2021 tarihinde eklendi, 12 kez okundu.

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Doll Explorer is a turn-based thinking puzzle game in which players are given commands such as "move one step forward" or "attack forward" to traverse a dungeon.
The concept is "the joy of doing what you want".

World View

Once upon a time, there was an unexplored dungeon that was said to hold vast amounts of gold and silver treasure.
The dungeon has been filled with poisonous gas and demons since ancient times, and no living creature can survive for more than a minute.
Tia, an apprentice witch, stumbles upon a doll in a warehouse that can create magical life forms.
Tia, an apprentice witch, accidentally finds a doll that creates magical life forms in a warehouse. "If I give this doll magical power and let it explore the dungeon, the treasure will be mine…!
The adventure of Tia and her magical life form doll begins now!


  • Look at the dungeon situation and give "orders" in the proper order!
  • Challenging stages will appear as you progress!
  • Watch the story of these two kawaii girls unfold!
  • Is the bond between them friendship? Or is it…?

Contents of Prologue

The "Doll Explorer Prologue" is a free to play short story and you can experience the core play.
If the game is well received, we would like to create a full-length version with a complete story and additional challenges.

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