Dispersio 2 İndir Yükle

Dispersio 2 İndir Yükle
21 Aralık 2021 tarihinde eklendi, 3 kez okundu.

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A long time ago, in a faraway land, people were living in peace and harmony under the rule of the wisest of kings.

It was a land full of magic and miracles.
It was a land full of the bravest of knights.

It was a land upon which great evil descended.


Dispersio 2 is a retro-styled metroidvania. As you progress through the game, you will gain new abilities, such as dashing, wall-jumping and more. There’s even a hard mode for hardcore players. Can you beat the game with only 1 HP?


  • Precisely tuned platforming mechanics
  • An interesting, detailed and challenging open world, ready to be discovered
  • Different character abilities
  • Lots of bosses
  • A great unique soundtracks
  • In-game timer for speedrunners
  • Achievements
  • Gamepad support

Sistem Gereksinimleri

SteamOS + Linux

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