Disobedient Sheep İndir Yükle

Disobedient Sheep İndir Yükle
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Disobedient Sheep is a frantic and lighthearted sheep herd’em’up for two to four players. Play as adorable sheepdogs and guide your hapless flock to victory in four different game-modes by avoiding anvils, dodging dynamite, and bailing on boulders.

This is a small, unique game. Ideal for short-sessions, young children, rowdy friends, older folks and non-gamers.


  • Frantic fun ideal for parties and family get-togethers
  • Simple to pick up, tricky to master
  • Advanced herding and flocking AI
  • Controller sharing – two players with one controller; four players with two


Challenge your high-scores in a time trial, or hold out for as long as possible in Endless mode.


Who’s a good sheepdog?! You are! Look after your flock while trying to drive your opponents sheep into danger, or compete over territory in King of the Hill. Chow down on dog biscuits to run faster, drop anvils on your opponents, and lure sheep with tasty carrots.

Sistem Gereksinimleri

SteamOS + Linux

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