Die drei ??? und der Riesenkrake İndir Yükle

Die drei ??? und der Riesenkrake İndir Yükle
28 Kasım 2020 tarihinde eklendi, 27 kez okundu.

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– German Language Only –

A mysterious giant octopus appears on the beach. And the strange monster seems to do its foul work onshore, too. The news spread like wildfire and in no time an octopus beach party is arranged. However, there is something really odd about this story…

Jupiter, Peter and Bob start investigating and come across some cryptic hints, shady hustlers, snappish occupants of a secret passage, and odd scientists. Help the three investigators solve this exciting case!

  • A new case for The Three Investigators
  • Detective adventure including many locations and characters from Rocky Beach
  • With the voices of Oliver Rohrbeck, Jens Wawrczeck, Andreas Fröhlich, and some more narrators known from The three Investigators audio plays
  • For players aged 10+

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Mac OS X

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