Devastator Arena İndir Yükle

Devastator Arena İndir Yükle
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The distant future. Shrouded with a sandy veil the burning desert hides a terrible place called Devastator Arena. This is the last refuge for maniacs and assassins of all stripes, who are brought here into this bloody slaughterhouse. Infected with a deadly virus, they lost their mind and turned into terrifying, disfigured creatures. And you are a Devastator. In fact, the same kind of criminal, doomed to death. The only difference from other creatures is the availability of weapons and the presence of the contract. The contract is to kill as many creatures as possible, and your family receives money after your death. It is a dynamic, hurricane-like 3D Shooter. Destroy crowds of enemies with a machine gun, an acid gun, and a grenade launcher. Kill the huge bosses and set your survival record in the online high scores table!

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