Destroy The Cubes – Minimalist Puzzle İndir Yükle

Destroy The Cubes – Minimalist Puzzle İndir Yükle
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Destroy The Cubes

A minimalist puzzle game that combines balls, cubes and physical intuition

Your challenge is to destroy all the cubes in one move

For that you need to throw the balls in the right position and direction to make the perfect trajectory

You move to the next level when enough balls fall into the hole

Challenge yourself at each level

Persistence is often the key to success

A complete experience

Halfway there will be walls and tunnels to challenge you

And in the end there will also be cannons to help you

Learn while playing

There are 56 levels designed progressively, so you can learn to play while playing

You don’t have to be a master, enjoy and solve the puzzles in your own time

Original sound effects

This game contains original sound effects prepared exclusively, use headphones to get the most out of stereo sound

  • Intuitive: No previous knowledge required, click and drag system makes the game very intuitive
  • Simple: You don’t need to have prior skill to play, the levels are set up for you to learn to play while playing
  • Minimalist: No punctuation, no timer and no pressure. Solve the puzzles in your own time and enjoy the game experience
  • Level progression: 56 unique levels, where the challenge increases with new mechanics

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