Death Jump İndir Yükle

Death Jump İndir Yükle
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Pixel country suffer. The Great Darkness comes to our land and devours all life around. Only one man escaped from an alien threat. The local parachutist was flying high in the sky when his own world was destroyed by the Crushers. These giant evil creatures now lurk everywhere and unfortunately, our hero doesn`t have any weapons to fight them. Only his trusty parachute and ability to jump high.
Go on a journey with the last survivor in his struggle to defeat the Crushers, before the aliens destroy everything that is left of this world. It will be the deadly jump into the darkness!

* Hardcore gameplay.
* Old school graphics.
* Cool music.
* Simple control.
* 20 levels on main campaign and some bonus missions.
* Battle with a huge boss.
* Collect coins and unlock additional content.

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