Death Drives A Bus İndir Yükle

Death Drives A Bus İndir Yükle
15 Ocak 2022 tarihinde eklendi, 1 kez okundu.

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You are Death, the Grim Reaper, the dark collector of lost souls. Unfortunately, your horse has fallen ill so you need to drive a bus instead.

Navigate traffic, shoddy roads, and try not to run out of gas while gathering up angels and demons in this turn-based puzzle game. Deliver these wayward souls to heaven or heck across 50 levels in this simple retro puzzle game.


  • 50 levels of increasing difficulty
  • Retro, chunky 1-bit pixel art
  • Original authentic Chiptune soundtrack by Abstraction
  • Turn-based puzzles and fast restarts, no time pressure!
  • Broken roads, moving cars, gas cans, lots of twists and turns to up the challenge

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SteamOS + Linux

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