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Data Defense İndir Yükle
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Defend your data servers from viral corruption in Data Defense – a minimalist tower defense set in cyberspace.

Protect servers from being infected by a slew of oncoming glitches, bugs and viruses. Use each server’s particular layout to your advantage, installing defense programs in strategic locations to defend the server in record time.

Mix and match from 30 different towers. Build your own path by installing, selling and upgrading your towers!

Fast pace and quick play times give you the full RTS experience for as much or as little time as you want. Enjoy both Campaign and Survival modes with over 50 different maps and challenges!

Want a challenge? Skip wait times for bonus scores but watch out! You’ll be fighting them back with reduced resources.

★ Amazing ambiant music with over 15 tracks
★ Over 50 different maps and challenges
★ Customize your strategy with 30 different towers
★ Beautiful vector art
★ Create and change the path by installing, selling and upgrading your towers
★ Enjoy both Campaign and Survival modes
★ Loads of unique enemies that will put your defense skills to the test!
★ Hours of gameplay!
★ Amazing physics driven particles!

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Mac OS X

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