Dabwoman: When The Dab Isn’t Sexist İndir Yükle

Dabwoman: When The Dab Isn’t Sexist İndir Yükle
26 Kasım 2019 tarihinde eklendi, 42 kez okundu.

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What is Dabwoman? Do I really need to explain this? I guess so, because I need a description. Well, Dabwoman is the best super hero video game ever made, want to argue on that? Alright, we are going to meet behind the school in 2 hours. You want to know the story? Alright, well it’s a woman, and she eats a laundry pod for no reason what so ever, and guess what? She becomes a super hero, you gotta admit that’s pretty dope. I’m not going to tell you the whole story, so just play the game man. It’s like a movie, but interactive, go make some popcorn and play it, if you don’t play it.. then you are a bully. Being a bully is bad.

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