Cro Magnon İndir Yükle

Cro Magnon İndir Yükle
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Europe, 39000 BC.

A group of people have arrived at a location suitable for a settlement. The lands are rich and fertile, but not uninhabited.

You will take command of a newly formed clan of Cro Magnon, in the final days of the Neanderthals. Your goal is survival and dominance. Initially, you will have to command your people to scavenge or hunt for food, while slowly gaining knowledge about plants and animals up to the point where you can start planting crops and herding animals.

The world is a dangerous place and you have to ensure the survival of your clan by any means possible. This may mean removing other clans, competing for limited resources in the area. It’s a matter of survival, for you and for your clan. Mercy is for the rich and prosperous, for a Cro Magnon clan struggling to survive it will more often than not be counterproductive.

Starting out with a small clan, you will have to struggle to find enough food to survive, while protecting your people growing to a number sufficient to defend against – and ultimately destroy – any competition in the area, likewise struggling to survive. Your clan warriors are the key to defending against wild animals and other Cro Magnon clans, but also against aggressive Neanderthals, who are fighting a losing battle for survival of their species.

It is a cruel and brutal world. Only the cruel and brutal will survive and ultimately dominate.

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