Crazy Washing Machine İndir Yükle

Crazy Washing Machine İndir Yükle
18 Haziran 2019 tarihinde eklendi, 65 kez okundu.

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You are a Soviet Bear and you’ve decided laundry a Brick!
For us, Humans it is obvious than this idea threatensthis and it’s better not to try do it.
But how unhappy Bear will know it?
Well, he still has to learn what will be if to try Wash a Brick…
That what hasn’t killed us, will make us stronger…

This game is 50% Horror and 49% Runner + 1% Action.

There is six levels in this game.
1. Introduction.
2. The stair.
3. The labyrinth.
4. The corridor.
5. The space.
6. The rocket jump.
Plus 2 more bonus levels!
If necessary, in this game there are cheat codes for quick passage.

And the main feature of the game, a large and complex labyrinth (Level 3).
This labyrinth is two-story!
Try to find a way out!

In the game you can get 8 Achievements!

Go! Let’s Wash Your Bricks!

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