Coronavirus Quarantine Simulator İndir Yükle

Coronavirus Quarantine Simulator İndir Yükle
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Imagine a world where you cannot touch your face, you have to stay away from people and the most powerful weapon to survive this is to wash your hands properly, OH WAIT…

Coronavirus Quarantine Simulator is a short experience that will help you develop all your pandemic survival day-to-day skills (that you should use in real life) while you have a sweet time with ridiculous situations:

  • Improve your “tactical espionage” techniques you need to do while grocery shopping without breaking social distance
  • Learn to wash your hands like a PRO with a completely accurate* simulator
  • Balance your life with different activities and learn some curious stuff about stuff and things.

Are you looking for a challenge? The game also features leaderboards to compete with other survivors around the world.

Now you can safely play coronavirus quarantine simulator while you safely stay at home during coronavirus quarantine.

* (maybe not)

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