Coop Tank War İndir Yükle

Coop Tank War İndir Yükle
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"Coop Tank War" is a very simple war game with a retro style and a very simple gameplay, which will make any lover of these games have a great time.
In "Coop Tank War" you will find battles in local multiplayer between two tanks.
Each tank will have a different color and will be handled by one of the two players, but it will have identical characteristics, that is, it will have the same life, the same speed when moving or turning and the shots will be the same and they will do the same damage.

There are several maps to play, with different characteristics, of different sizes and with different elements in them.
These characteristics will make each game different, taking you to a different feeling depending on the players that play the game, the way they play it and the map where it is played.

What to expect:

-Funny local multiplayer gameplay.

-Challenging controls.

-Easy to understand gameplay

How to play:

-Player 1:

-WASD to move

-SPACE to shoot

-Player 2:

-ARROW KEYS to move

-P to shoot

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