Construct VR – The Volumetric Movie İndir Yükle

Construct VR – The Volumetric Movie İndir Yükle
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Construct VR – the first ever fully immersive Volumetric 6DOF movie

Watch the free demo first to learn more about the technology behind Construct VR.

Construct VR is an experience in the PresenZ movie format, that showcases the technological breakthroughs of VR storytelling through volumetric photorealistic video, powered by V-Nova point cloud compression.
Enter a science-fiction dystopian world, where a robot must fight for his life and the lives of his family. This is the first actual action movie in six-degree-of-freedom (6DoF) photorealistic VR, exploring unprecedented and game-changing dimensions for the medium.


  • PresenZ’s volumetric movie format, powered by V-Nova compression, allows you to experience unprecedented immersion comfort compared to "standard" VR 360° movies
  • Position and orientation of the VR headset is tracked at all times inside the movie, allowing you to get closer to objects and characters as well as to look around or behind them, creating a real sense of scale and immersion
  • 6DoF eliminates the motion sickness commonly associated with VR 360° movies
  • V-Nova’s point cloud compression technology compresses the file to a small enough size to be downloaded and played on standard VR gaming set ups, finally bringing breath-taking immersion experiences to VR Gaming PCs at home

Construct VR, with a runtime of 8 minutes, is an immersive adaption of the short movie created by Kevin Margo. The PresenZ format keeps the original design and visual quality while transforming the short movie into a fully immersive experience.

Sistem Gereksinimleri


    • 64-bit işlemci ve işletim sistemi gerektirir
    • İşletim Sistemi: Windows 10 & 11
    • İşlemci: Intel 6 cores 2.9 GHz base clock, must support AVX2
    • Bellek: 16 GB RAM
    • Ekran Kartı: GTX 1080, RTX 2060 Super, RTX 3060, no AMD cards supported
    • DirectX: Sürüm 12
    • Depolama: 30 GB kullanılabilir alan
    • İlave Notlar: SATA III or NVME SSD and minimal RAM speed of 2993GHz

    • 64-bit işlemci ve işletim sistemi gerektirir
    • İşlemci: Intel 8 cores 2.9 GHz base clock
    • Ekran Kartı: GTX 1080Ti, RTX 2070 Super, RTX 3060Ti
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