Confess My Love İndir Yükle

Confess My Love İndir Yükle
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The story takes place after school, when Willie decides to confess his love to the girl of his dreams, Liza. Afraid of being refused, he hesitated for a while.

Should he summon up his courage and confess his love to her?
Why Julie is still there?
Don’t forget to hide his diary from the others, it ought to be never read by anyone.

Now the only problem is the weird, yet somewhat familiar feeling Willie has in the classroom…
【Character introduction】
Willie: The hero who just can’t make up his mind on whether or not to confess his love to Liza.
Liza: *The girl Willie likes always finishes her assignments at school before her part-time job at night.
Julie: *She insisted on staying in the classroom for some untold reason.

This is a mini game with 20 endings.
Each of them is short and no longer than five minutes.
The story changes subtly each time you obtain new endings.

This game is quite boring, the main content is to explore and read dialogue. It may take about three hours to complete. If you cannot figure out what to do next, please head to the tips page.

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