Codex Temondera: Lost Vision İndir Yükle

Codex Temondera: Lost Vision İndir Yükle
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Norwich is a town in the western part of the Perdita Kingdom, aswell as being the place where Rayk was born.
It was a peaceful town until it was plagued by a number of mysterious disappearances, which was later known as the ‘Case of the Lost Vision’,
as some of the victims would later reappear but deceased with their eyes missing.

When Rayk’s parents vanished too, he swore to himself that he will figure out what happened back then.
15 years after the Case of the Lost Vision, people began to vanish again.
So this where Rayk’s journey begins, alongside his childhood friend Selene,
he sets out to find out the truth behind these disappearances.

Features :

– Thrilling story with interesting characters.
– Many different locations to explore.
– Turn based, fully animated battle system.
– Lots of different enemies.
– Beautiful character and enemy artwork.
– Challenging boss fights.
– Many different skills to choose from.
– Drag and drop inventory system with tons of items to collect.

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