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Code Romantic İndir Yükle
27 Haziran 2020 tarihinde eklendi, 47 kez okundu.

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Code Romantic is a computer science puzzle game wrapped in a post-apocalyptic love story.

Join the Human Defense Department’s last ditch effort to save the world: by teaching the brightest students in the nation how to hack into the brains of the sentient machines. Follow the journey of Mina Lovelace as she proves herself worthy of following in her mother’s footsteps… and also tries not to embarrass herself in front of Leon, her childhood crush, in the process!

Code Romantic teaches C# programming and computer science concepts. The educational content is based on the AP Computer Science exam and the curriculum of a college-level Computer Science I course. If you like visual novels, problem solving, political intrigue and love stories, you’ll enjoy Code Romantic!


  • 14 chapters filled with puzzles, riddles and dialogue!
  • Over 50 puzzles using real C# code and concepts from computer science courses, no prior experience necessary!
  • Over 50,000 words of dialogue!
  • Beautiful, animated, watercolor artwork!
  • Original soundtrack!

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