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Clouded Leopard Entertainment Serisi İndir Yükle
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The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki role-playing game series is highly acclaimed by gamers all over the world for its elaborate character portrayals and epic storyline. The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki III, which takes place in the Erebonian Empire after the end of the civil war, is now available for PC!
High-speed Skip Mode and Auto Battle Mode are featured from THE LEGEND OF HEROES: SEN NO KISEKI III Super Price version, which was released in Japan. In addition, the Steam® version allows you to switch between events, fields, and battles at up to 6x speed, making gameplay even smoother than ever!

Septian Calendar 1206. After the civil war, the militant Erebonian Empire is arriving at a turning point and marching towards a new era.
As the Awakener of the Divine Knight Valimar, Rean Schwarzer is hailed as a hero by the entire country. And thus the adventure centering on Rean and other young heroes is set to embark.
Thors Military Academy–Branch Campus Leeves. In contrast to the main school, Leeves mainly accepts noble children of lesser houses, dropouts and foreigners, who all together form the bottom class of the Academy.
The students are further divided into three classes, and among those three classes, Rean has been appointed as the instructor to Class VII- Special Duties Division.

About the DLC
The Steam® version will include all downloadable content that was originally sold for the PS4™ version.

The Steam® version of Sen no Kiseki III includes the following downloadable content:
Juna’s "Lloyd Bannings" Costume
Faculty Swimsuit Set
Rean’s "Unspeakable" Costume
Rean’s Casual Clothes
Juna’s Casual Clothes
Kurt’s Casual Clothes
Altina’s Casual Clothes
Musse’s Casual Clothes
Ash’s Casual Clothes
Juna’s "Active Red" Costume
Cute Hair Extension Set
Cool Hair Extension Set
Rainbow Hair Set
Standard Glasses Set
Stylish Sunglasses Set
Rare Eyewear
Ride-Along Black Rabbit
Ride-Along Elie
Ride-Along School Renne
Ride-Along Dana
Ride-Along Ozzie
Raccoon Set
Snow Leopard Set
Angel Set
Devil Set
Ashen Knight Set
Mask Set
Hardcore Set
Mascot Headgear Set
Self-assertion Panels
ARCUS Cover Set A
ARCUS Cover Set B
ARCUS Cover Set C
ARCUS Cover Set D
Free Sample Set A
Free Sample Set B
Sepith Set 1 – 3
Advanced Medicine Set 1 – 3
Zelam-Capsule Set 1 – 3
Zelam-Capsule Set 1 – 3
U-Material Set 1 – 3
Droplet Set 1 – 5
Useful Accessories Set
Monster-foodstuff set 1 – 3
Spirit Incense Set 1 – 3
God dragon-incense Set 1 – 3
Shining Pom Droplet Set 1 – 5
Shining Pom Droplet Value Set 1 – 5

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