Chopper: Attack helicopters İndir Yükle

Chopper: Attack helicopters İndir Yükle
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The free game includes 4 attack helicopters – Mi8AMTSh "Terminator", Mi-24 "Crocodile", Ka-50 "Black Shark" and Mi-28 "Night Hunter" – and 4 maps.
Initially only 1 helicopter (Mi-8) and the first map is available, next will be unlocked after successfull completion of the previous missions.

There are 4 checkponts existing in the map, and your goal is to capture all of them.
Each checkpoint has helipad, so you have to land on it to capture the checkpoint. When all checkpoints are captured, game is over and mission is complete.
The faster you do it – the better your result.

The problem is that all these checkpoint are under enemies control, and they will try to stop you. Enemy forces include assault SUVs or boats with heavy machine guns, man-portable air-defense systems, tanker trucks and camps. Your secondary goal is to destroy them.

There are 3 types of weapons at your disposal – unguided missiles, guided air-to-ground missiles and machine gun. Your helicopter has 3 slots of ammo, and you can choose which type to load in each slot when prepare to the mission.
Good luck!

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SteamOS + Linux

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