Chesskoban – Chess Puzzles İndir Yükle

Chesskoban – Chess Puzzles İndir Yükle
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Relaxing puzzle game for chess lovers and beginners.

Chess Puzzle is a Puzzle game with the combination of Chess mechanics and Sokoban game.

The Player which is an original piece created based on the King (is the character
that will move the knights ) he is the only exception, all other pieces in the game are white and black knights. You will control the white horses, needing to reposition them to capture the black horses.

If you like Chess you will enjoy playing it!

The game is a combination and change of the mechanics of Chess and Sokoban.

50 hand-crafted levels with increasing complexity.
Relaxing composed Soundtracks
Beautiful minimalist aesthetic
Playable with keyboard.
Isometric and perspective camera modes.
Undo and Redo moves.

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