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Cheap Game İndir Yükle
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The game is entirely made using freely available graphics

This game is simply an endless runner with pixel graphics and lots of interesting mechanics that can be combined to obtain surprising effects

To help you achieve a higher score, you have these skills at your disposal:


  • Fireball

Cast a fireball (what more to expect)

  • Iceball

Cast piercing iceball

  • Wings

Allow you to fly

  • Force Field

Blocks one projectile and then disintegrates

  • Bloodlust

Increases the number of points for kills

  • Disable

The threat of opponents decreases

  • Slow

Reduces enemy speed

  • MagicMirror

It deflects projectiles when casting

  • Sword Strike

At the end of attack throws a sword

  • Deathripple

Destroys every enemy

On the opponent’s side you will meet the following creatures:


  • LittleWizard

Cast simple projectile

  • Robot

Changes height

  • Worm

Just crawls

  • Blankey

After some time he gets nervous, which increases his speed

  • Owl

Just fly

  • Balooney

Just fly

  • JumpyLumpy

Jumps from time to time

  • Flicker

Just levitates

there is no clear goal of the game, just score as high as possible and have fun

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