Cell Defender İndir Yükle

Cell Defender İndir Yükle
29 Haziran 2019 tarihinde eklendi, 69 kez okundu.

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Local multiplayer game, which integrates guardianship, adventure, rescue and collection, combats with many invaders, such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, in the mouth, blood vessels, lungs, stomach, intestines and other organs.

Four distinctive roles, with different skills, can exert their greatest power only if they cooperate closely.

Game features:

  • Cute shape – Cute characters and enemies, It’s very suitable for you to play with your children and loved ones.

  • Tension Stimulation – Bacteria divide after many attacks and viruses divide after infecting cells for a period of time, which requires players to destroy enemies quickly, otherwise they will be very passive and lead to mission failure.

  • Stage Design – Eight different stages of design, each with its own characteristics. Including guardianship, adventure, rescue, collection and so on, as long as a little brainstorming can pass smoothly.

  • Multi-player Collaboration – Four characters have different skills and play different roles. It is suggested that more than two players play. After one player falls to the ground, another player can rescue. (If it’s a stand-alone game, melee characters will be very operational.)

More fun please experience in the game!

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