CATch the Stars: Japan İndir Yükle

CATch the Stars: Japan İndir Yükle
2 Eylül 2021 tarihinde eklendi, 11 kez okundu.

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Imagine yourself taking the road again, but this time going to Japan to visit cities, temples, gardens and the wonderful Cherry Blossom Contemplation Festival. Have this relaxing experience right on your screen.

Solve puzzles with wonderful, dynamic backgrounds. With simple mechanics, just click on a star to move it to its correct position.

Main features:

  • Setting. Play in a relaxing and dynamic environment with a variety of Japanese landscapes.
  • Relaxing. No score, no timer and no pressure. Solve the puzzles in your own time and enjoy the game experience.
  • Level progression. 50 unique levels, where the challenge increases in each level with new mechanics.
  • Great soundtrack. Songs and sound effects designed exclusively for the best experience.

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